Running a Half Marathon between Two Walls inside the Home!

Today I completed my first indoor half marathon within house by running in the hall room. I finished 13.11 miles in 2 hours 19 minutes.

Fun Facts

  • During earlier weeks of training I ran 30+ miles per week.
  • For first time I ran 100 miles in month of April.
  • My race course was 25 feet in length guarded by two Hall walls!
  • I made 2768 trips to walls on either side as part of my half marathon.
  • Yes quite few times I literally hit the wall as I about to turn around. Sometime I bumped my head and sometimes my toes that got the hit.
  • My 13th mile was the best mile of this run, I ran it 7:59 minutes per mile.
  • And yes, as usual it was barefoot run but this time on wood surface.

And here is the Proof from Strava!