2023 Resolutions and How to survive them!

As we are leaping towards 2023, I’m getting very excited for new year resolutions and I can think of tons of them. And like everyone I want to achieve / excel at all of them. But as you may already know, our commitment to these resolutions doesn’t last beyond January and we always fail miserably towards the end of the year.

There are thousands of resolution tracker apps there which can help individuals to keep focused. But still we can’t reach the finish line to call it a year a successful one. So what we can do it to make it better?

Today I was talking with friends and families, on what are their goals / resolutions for 2023, I thought why not make it a fun competition to nudge us to achieve what we want and that’s when 2023 Doers Challenge is born!

Idea is very similar to what we done in the past as part of Uncle and Me challenge which I’ve talked about here and here. Difference is we’re talking about year long challenge!

Without further ado, here are the base rules that we are going to stick to see if we can do what we want to do in 2023.

  • We will give rewards to consistent performers. This will be measured monthly.
    • Prizes will given at the end of the month.
    • Grand prize will be offered at the end of the year!
  • One need to buy in to participate.
    • $50 in two installments.
      • $25 in first week of January
      • $25 in first week of June
  • Everyone enters their names on spreadsheet with at least 2-5 activities / goals across different categories such as Personal Development, Financial Improvements, Work Skills Growth and for a Better Community around us.
    • Personal Development – This can be acquiring new habits, trashing bad habits, new milestones in physical fitness, health or learning new skills such as getting better at new sports, playing new instrument and so on.
    • Financial Improvements – Possible categories: saving goals, getting rid of debt, learning / practicing new ways to improve your wealth.
    • Work Skills GrowthNew certifications, learning new programming language, doing more coding at Hacker Rank; Leet code, participating in hackathons and beyond.
    • Better CommunityGiving back for all that we receive! One can be a mentor, actively volunteer to provide services to those who need help!
  • Finally your goals should be smart – and SMART
    • S – Specific
    • M – Measurable
    • A – Achievable
    • R – Relevant
    • T – Time-bound
  • We will be using Google Spreadsheet to track activities across to all the participants.
    • Use secret names to make it more exciting so that all participants will be curious not only about your challenges but person itself!
    • Also by not using your real name, you will be more ready to share your goals with everyone.
    • You can also have secret goals, which you can keep track of yourself. It will not be qualified for the rewards though if you can’t share the progress.
  • We will have few judges among us who will make sure your goals are SMART and measured through out the year to decide upon the monthly and annual winner.

I’m hoping to have greater participation so that we can have worthy rewards which will keep everyone focused to be persistent throughout the year. And that’s the real objective of this competition!

So are you ready for 2023? I am 🙂