Uncle and .us – Half time Report

It’s been 2 months since we started this learning experiment on UncleAnd.us I (Uncle) am happy to report that we’re doing great; much better than I’d imagined!

Here is the quick summary of what we’ve achieved in the last 2 months.

Uncle Raju

On 1st May 2020, I wrote a blog post about this summer challenge and our goals that we are planning to achieve in the coming four months (May-August 2020).

Back then I thought these were lofty goals, something that if we do 20% of what we promised, I will celebrate as a win! Boy, I was so wrong!! Atharva, Gaurav, Sam, Avik surprised me big time.

First let me summarize our objectives and then I will share what we have achieved.

Our objectives:

  • Finish Linux fundamentals course
  • Complete Full Stack Open 2020 course (Main course!)
  • (At least one) AWS
  • Write a blog post every week
  • Create your own project to demonstrate your learning from each course.

And here is what we accomplished:

  1. Everyone is attending our weekly call. They always come prepared and excited to share their completed blog posts and what they have learned in the past week.

    Personally I’ve learned a lot from these meetings. It shows that everyone is really passionate about this initiative and putting all efforts to stay on the course!
  2. The first goal, Linux Fundamentals Course completed by everyone.
  3. Now, these young Turks are about to finish the hardest course – Full Stack Open 2020 course; which will give them the power to implement their own ideas.
  4. Atharva
    1. Implemented Trash Suite for Linux to showcase his Bash skills learned from fundamentals course.
    2. He ended up writing a detailed blog post on Git and GitHub.
    3. Another interesting write up is on how to create GCP instance and then how to SSH into it.
    4. Tomorrow he is going to unveil his side project based on learning from Full Stack Course. Can’t wait to see things in action!
  5. Sam
    1. He is already ahead of the curve in the completion of these courses.
    2. My favorite posts from his blog are:
      1. The Missing Semester – which is the basis of our this 4 months learning experiment.
      2. My First Bash Script explains how he used the power of Bash to automate the boring tedious tasks of converting old vintage analog videos into digital format.
      3. Very recent blog posts highlight the importance of automation for provisioning in Cloud Infrastructure such as GCP, AWS, And introduces us to the concept of Terraform.
  6. Gaurav
    1. He is the only one who has completed both Linux Fundamentals and Full Stack course!
      Full Stack Course completion is under review before he is eligible to get the $50.
    2. Now he is on the mission of getting AWS Certified!
    3. Also working on building a Twitter clone based on his learning so far!
    4. And we also got to know his love for designer sneakers!
  7. Avik
    1. He is busy with a fundraiser for his High School
    2. And finally found his love at Alarm.com where he is pursuing an internship.
  8. And last not but least, I’ve given away $225 for the successful completion of the first course by all four lads ($50 to 3 of them and $75 Atharva for going beyond by making an awesome project, during Linux Fundamentals course completion) If you ask me, money well spent!
    And special bonding that we got between all of us is priceless!

Where we go from here

As we do while running a marathon, we are striving for negative split; it means second half of the marathon we aim to run faster than first one.

The same principle we’ve decided to apply for the second half of this challenge. I’m waiting for some more great news from these guys.

Till then, keep reading all these four blogs to keep yourself up-to-date!

Raju Uncle